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MyBiome is the first service  provider in South Africa to offer Microbiome Banking and Autologous  Encapsulated Microbiome Transplants.

Autologous Microbiome Transplant

At MyBiome we are proud to be the first company in the world to offer encapsulated Autologous Microbiome transplants for patients that are using broad spectrum antibiotics.  Autologous Microbiome transplants have been proven to be far superior to probiotics in restoring your unique microbiome.  Read the article here.

Micobiome banking

MyBiome is also one of the only companies in South Africa that offers a commercially available Microbiome Biobank.

By giving you the opportunity to store and retrieve your unique microbiome, you never have to worry about a deterioration in your gut health again.

Microbiome DNA analysis

If you are interested in knowing the make up of your Microbiome, MyBiome will provide you with an in depth analysis of your microbiome. We will offer you some insights on ways you can alter your microbial diversity.


All About MyBiome

MyBiome is biotechnology company with a focus of creating human microbiome derived treatments for, depression, obesity and cancer. Through its unique service of Autologous Encapsulated Microbiome Transplants (AMT) around the use of antibiotics (the only company in the world!) as well as establishing South Africa’s first commercially available microbiome biobank, MyBiome is positioning itself as a key role player in gut health and human health data development.


Why is the Microbiome important?

"All disease begins in the gut."


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